One variety of this year’s crop of garlic freshly harvested – yum!


At Moo River Farm we grow small commercial quantities of crops (using organic practices) such as garlic, macadamia and finger limes  and have a healthy bee hive for honey and a dozen great egg-laying, pasture-raised chooks. We’re currently in the process of investigating certified organic status.  There are also plans to grow avocados, tumeric, ginger and we’re even trialling coffee!


If you are interested in purchasing directly from us please get in touch. We can pack and ship our produce to you many destinations in Australia (note: quarantine laws prohibit us from sending to WA, Tasmania and SA) and would be happy to discuss your individual requirements.
As a rule the following is a guide to harvest times & availability of our produce:
Garlic is harvested between November-December annually and ready to leave the farm from around January-February after a drying process
Finger Limes are ready to harvest around early April.
Macadamias are harvested from around April to July and are available both in that period and in the months following during its storage.

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Finger Limes – this variety is Rainforest Pearl – are described as the ‘caviar of the citrus family’. And rightly so!

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