There’s so much to experience on a Bellinger River paddle. This river runs right by Moo River Farm, so we are blessed to be able to launch our kayaks right here. You are welcome to paddle and explore on your own, bringing your own kayaks/canoes or you may use our kayaks (at your own risk).

There is a deep section of the river on our property so you can put a kayak in without risking damage and paddle in relative safety (weather/floodwaters permitting) @100m before encountering the first little pebbly race. Outside of flood/heavy rain events, many sections of the river near our property are generally a mix of shallow rapid races where the water runs across pebbly sections, and lovely gentle wide sections of river which allow you to gently paddle and explore along the banks while watching the fish swim underneath. Further downstream there are a couple of more challenging technical rapids & strainers. Whilst we can inform you on some aspects of river safety, because of its ever-changing nature you will need to do your own due diligence and know how to paddle safely on unknown waterways. Life jackets are recommended and you’d need to provide these yourself. There’s a fabulous Canoe/Kayak business in town who offer guided river paddles. Bellingen Canoe Adventures.

The Bellinger River system is our neighbouring community’s main source of water. But first and foremost it is a living, breathing, moving and ever-changing thing. We are passionate about preserving its ecosystem and minimising any human impact on it. We’re participants in the local citizen science ‘Riverwatch’ project which requires us to test the water quality monthly and report.  The local Bellingen community is largely on side with river protection & conservation, and this translates to a purity of water and an abundant wildlife.

We ask that you also respect this river and its pristine tributaries during your stay.

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