There’s so much to experience on a Bellinger River paddle. This river runs right through Moo River Farm, so we are blessed to be able to launch the kayaks right here. If guests choose to use the kayaks during their stay at The Dairy Bales, this section of the river offers gentle races, deep pools and small rapids.

The Bellinger River system is our main source of water. But first and foremost it is a living, breathing, moving and ever-changing thing. We are passionate about preserving its ecosystem and minimising any human impact on it. Fortunately, we’re not alone. The local Bellingen community is largely on side, and this translates to a purity of water and an abundant wildlife.

We ask that you also observe this practice when enjoying our valuable waterways.

You are welcome to hire the kayaks on Moo River Farm for your self-guided river experience. If you wish to be collected from another point on the river downstream, we can arrange to collect you, and the kayaks, and bring you back to Moo River Farm (work permitting).

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